Woman – 30 years old

12. september, 2017

“If I have to describe Ina’s therapy in three words, the words would be empathic, genuinely caring and yet incredibly sharp.

Sharp in a sense that, Ina is very good at getting to the root cause of disturbance, for example like childhood trauma, culture clash in my case and the most important of all in distinguishing if the problem exists for real or not.

There is an organic rhythm in Ina’s therapy and the cure comes very naturally. For example it can be through a good laugh, mutual discussion or through the tools she can give to practice in a mentally and emotionally challenged situation.

Ina is very good at trouble shooting and understanding the problem on all the levels. For example in my case – I come from another country with commutative cultural back ground, which is apparently very different from individualistic Danish society.

During my stay in Denmark, along came many unresolved inner and social conflicts in my life, while trying to make it through the Danish system and society. I felt really vulnerable, mentally and emotionally challenged and lost most of the time, until I was recommended Ina’s therapy by my own practicing doctor.

It took some time. But through Ina’s therapy, it was possible for me to break the barrier, which was mentally or emotionally holding me back. I always felt understood by Ina no matter how complex the challenge was. Ina helped understand the transition from one culture to another on both personal and objective level.

If I have to describe Ina’s therapy in some lines, that would be “There is life and soul in Ina’s therapy, she means what she says she is honest. She has the ability to touch a person’s heart, mind, body and soul if you believe in one.”

Thank you for being one of the strongest support in my life Ina. The help you are providing means a lot to me. Life is not easy as an immigrant and through your help I realised that, it is not easy to live with emotional hunger.

Which comes from being away from your loved ones. And it is really important to realise that problem as an immigrant and work on it before it develops into an even more painful psychological issue.

Thank you for gently sorting me.”